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Apr 2012 03

Easter Trading Hours

Luke Chambers @ 12:34 AM -

Experia Digital will be closed for Easter from April 3 - 9, and will reopen Tuesday April 10. If you need to contact us during this time please email support@experia.com.au, or ring 1300 661 493 and leave a message. Happy Easter!

Mar 2012 07

Secure Passwords

Luke Chambers @ 10:28 PM -

Our work at Experia Digital involves a LOT of creating, storing, securing and communicating passwords. We've got quite good at it, and because of our passion for this security, we are often asked about good passwords as well. A common...

Oct 2011 28

5 steps to building a valuable email list

Owen Mangai @ 04:52 PM -

Use your newsletters to take proper advantage of bringing in and retaining new customers.

Jul 2011 08

Coming on Monday: Big changes to the Newsletter Manager

Luke Chambers @ 03:36 PM -

In a few days time we're taking the wrapping paper off a huge upgrade to the Newsletter Manager editor.

Jun 2011 23

Every week is Data Security Week

Luke Chambers @ 03:01 PM -

Data breaches over the last three weeks highlight just how careful we all need to be when dealing with cloud-based services.

Jun 2011 15

Must-know info: Payment card data security.

Luke Chambers @ 02:06 PM -

Recent breaches have sparked renewed interest in data security. Here we outline your responsibilities when running an online store.

Apr 2011 29

How Australians use the Internet

Luke Chambers @ 04:20 PM -

The Australian Bureau of Statistics has released new data about Internet usage. We decipher some of their findings of the last decade.

Oct 2010 28

The laws of social media marketing - part 1

Nathan Curtis @ 06:25 AM -

Social media can produce results for your business - you just need to know the first two laws of social media marketing.

Oct 2010 25

Top 10 issues facing web design projects (and how to beat them)

Luke Chambers @ 11:51 AM -

There are plenty of stories about the 'Web Project From Hell', but what is it that makes a project go smoothly? What should we look out for and stay on our toes about?

Oct 2010 22

Should my business be using Twitter?

Nathan Curtis @ 06:21 AM -

Our take on this commonly asked question about the social networking phenomenon.

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