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Creating a lovemark for an innovative jewellery company.

Loveable - a brand to truly fall in love with

Like many other great businesses, Loveable was born out of the founder’s dissatisfaction with her own experience as a customer.

"My husband and I decided to renew our vows 3 years ago and we had a terrible experience choosing our wedding rings,” said Silvya Curtis, Director of Loveable. "We tried everything – high street stores, online and reputable bespoke jewelers. The sales people were either disinterested in helping us navigate the hundreds of options - or they were far pushy about closing a sale. To make matters worse, when we did order and receive our rings we had to return one because the design was not what we asked for."

This experience gave Silyva a simple but powerful idea – to create a wedding and engagement ring retail service that focused on helping customers choose perfect rings for them – and to deliver outstanding service at an unbeatable price.

"We’ve built our entire business around customer service. It runs through everything we do. We take our entire collection to the customer’s home and then take the time to help the customer try on as many designs as they like and also help if they’d like to change the designs to suit their style. It is such a fun, relaxed experience – our customers rave about it".

To suit this high touch personal experience, the Loveable team needed an identity design and website that resonated on a personal level with the target customers - 20-30 year old shopping savvy women.

"Our market is very specific. Nine out of ten people that make initial contact with us are ladies – so when it comes to choosing wedding rings, the girls are still in charge! We wanted our identity to be a true extention of who we are as a team and the values that underpin our business."

How Experia Helped

Experia worked with Loveable to create an identity design, showcase website and email marketing program.

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