Building an online sales tool for energy efficient lighting.

MatrixLED is a forward-thinking company, so when they wanted an effective online sales tool for their energy-saving lighting business, they looked to Experia.

The energy-efficient lighting industry is growing strongly as we emerge from the financial pressures of 2009/10 and as mainstream consumers increase their environmental responsibility.

MatrixLED entered this market early with a customer-service focussed approach, aiming to provide end-to-end lighting advice and assistance.

As a pioneering company, they had the ability to set benchmarks in professionalism and in access to complete turnkey solutions. A core requirement of this stratcgy was to educate the market and provide sales support via a website, enabling clients to dramatically reduce their lighting costs and carbon footprints at the same time.

While Experia has solid experience in designing for environmentally conscious markets, building content management systems and delivering successful online marketing projects, this was our first project to bring these together cohesively in a single website. As one website user told us:

"This is a great resource for us. Using the MatrixLED website makes it easy to see what is available and what will suit us, and gives us access to expert advice and an easy way to proceed with an order."

The site features a full catalogue of energy-efficient lighting products as well as informative resources for large organisations looking to make the shift to LED. Since launch it has been a major funnel for sales leads and new business, recieiving over a thousand pageviews in the first two weeks of operation.





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