SDS Paysafe / eCAT

Bringing the eCAT online with a
first-to-market advantage.

Tony and Alan are seasoned entrepreneurs with IT experience going back to the 1950s. When their ground-breaking idea in e-commerce needed online support they trusted Experia.

eCAT is a smart device that enables users to make secure online payments by swiping their credit card - just like a shop assistant does in a high street store.

The SDS Paysafe team needed branding and an online experience that showcased the eCAT technology and also reinforced the company's credentials as a major e-commerce player.

Experia developed an online experience that including an interactive tool that showcased the device and how it works.

Trust and authority were key elements of the SDS Paysafe brand positioning. To help demonstrate authority, our solution included an online test that visitors can take to evaluate their level of vulnerability to online fraud.


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