The Blake Prize

The 59th Blake Prize 2010

Since its inception in 1951, the Blake Prize has stimulated a fascinating dialogue between art and religion in all its manifestations throughout Australia. It's challenge today is to maintain marketing and public relations competitiveness - particularly using the online channel.

When the Blake Prize first met Experia back in 2006 they were unhappy with the style and effectiveness of their web communications. Experia worked with the Blake team to grow the online presence into a successful driver for the organisation.

By slowing introducing a new style, content, functionality and technology Experia have evolved the online brand to compliment the first-class position it holds in the art community.


Create a clean, minimalist website that allows online artworks to be the focus of attention. Use best-practice content, internet marketing and SEO techniques to promote the site and increase prominence on online art communities and search engines. Grow the website strategically each year with a long-term plan for implementing a world-class website.


The Blake Prize is highly respected for its exhibitions of Australian religious and spiritual art. Announcements for finalists and winners are discussed widely in the media - whether for contentious decisions or other stimulation. Experia's task was to harness the needs of journalists, commentators and exhibition visitors with an effective design and content plan for the website, and compliment it with additional services such as subtle brand management, content guidance, email marketing and web marketing.

The first iteration of the new Blake Prize website was launched in August 2007. It was followed by annual feature additions through to the end of 2009. In 2010, the website was redeveloped to consolidate all features, and the current website was launched in October 2010.


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